10 things an attorney can do for you for less than $500

When confronted with problems requiring legal expertise, many people hesitate to call a licensed attorney because they believe it will be very expensive. In reality, many common legal matters can be handled inexpensively. All attorneys set their own rates, so shop around for the best price, but here are some examples.

1. Review legal documents

The popularity of online do-it-yourself legal documents is growing. But how do you know if you’ve completed the process correctly? Laws are different in every state, and whether it’s forming your own business or a divorce, the peace of mind that comes from a review by a practicing, Utah State Bar licensed attorney will help you sleep at night. For as little as $150, an attorney will review your paperwork, check filing protocols and make sure your case is ready to move forward. You can find an attorney to help you at http://www.licensedlawyer.org.

2. Incorporate a business

Is an S-corp or a C-corp best for you? What about a partnership or LLC? What are the requirements to get a business up and running? An attorney can help you with all of these questions and many attorneys will complete the process for as little as $300 plus state filing fees. Why not get your company off on the right foot? Professional legal counsel can help you navigate the choppy waters of starting your own business. From corporate structure to payroll and HR concerns, a lawyer will help you start the path to your dream of owning your own business.

3. Estate planning

Do you have an estate plan? What would happen to your property if you died? An attorney can review your circumstances and help you ensure your family is protected. Estate plans aren’t just for the wealthy. Everyone should have a plan in place to protect their family against the loss of a loved one. If you already have an estate plan in place, an attorney will review it for as little as $150. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is protected. Visit licensedlawyer.org to find an attorney to help.

4. Debt and collections

Did you know that 98 percent of those sued for collection of debt in Utah never file a response? As a result, a judgment is issued against them. Don’t face this threat on your own. For as little as $200 an attorney will guide you through the process of defending yourself against a collections lawsuit. You deserve to have your side of the story heard, and hiring an attorney may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A lawyer can also assist in negotiating a settlement with your creditors. Before a court issues a judgment against you, make sure to take advantage of the protection of a lawyer.

5. Domestic issues

Did you know most Utah attorneys offer a free 30-minute initial consultation? Whether you are concerned with back child support, domestic violence, parental rights, alimony or other concerns, you owe it to yourself to talk to an attorney. The Utah State Bar has programs to assist you in accessing legal representation, including its Modest Means program that provides financial assistance to those needing a lawyer. There’s also a free legal clinic, Tuesday Night Bar, that occurs every Tuesday in Salt Lake City. See the Utah State Bar website at www.utahbar.org for details.

6. Employment law

Not getting paid for the work you do? Are you working more than 40 hours per week without overtime pay? Talk to a lawyer about your rights as an employee. An attorney will review your case and advise you on the appropriate steps for as little as $300. Don’t let someone take advantage of your work. If you have concerns about your employment, talk with an attorney to help you understand your rights.

7. Divorce

Did you know you can be represented in your uncontested divorce for as little as $300 plus filing costs? Image having the worry and stress that comes with a divorce case off your back. You need someone on your side during this difficult process, and it’s much more affordable than you think. Visit www.licensedlawyer.org to find an attorney specializing in divorce.

8. Wills and living wills

Chances are you’ve heard a horror story about someone who died without a will or was incapacitated without a living will. Maybe you’ve lived that nightmare yourself. An attorney will draft your will or prepare a living will for as little as $500. It’s a good idea for everyone to have a will, regardless of your financial circumstances. An attorney can guide you through the process of ensuring your assets and your family are protected.

9. Real estate law

Purchasing real estate can be challenging, often involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Attorneys are available to review real estate contracts for $250. You can protect yourself and your new home by having a legal professional review your contract to purchase. Questions such as price increases, earnest money payment and many other factors can be reviewed to ensure you are protected.

10. Criminal law

Whether it’s a DUI or a speeding ticket, being properly represented in court can be a llifesaver. Having an attorney to guide you through the criminal process can be a big help to someone navigating the criminal justice system. Qualified representation is available, and licensedlawyer.org’s sliding payment scale makes it possible to find an attorney to fit your budget.

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